Make Your Wedding Planning Easier

Make Your Wedding Planning Easier

Wedding planning can be really exciting – and also really stressful! There seems to be so much to do, and there are many exciting options: from décor to dresses, and food to a party band that will get everyone dancing. But there are things you can do to make your wedding planning easier. These tips will help make the lead up to your wedding smoother and ensure you have a wonderful day that is perfectly suited for you.


Set a budget... but break it down 

It is important to set a budget for your wedding, of course. But another good tip is to break your budget down. How much are you prepared to spend on that fabulous dress? What about the invitations? And what are you prepared to spend on hiring a wonderful venue? Having ballpark budgets for these things means you are less likely to find yourself having to compromise on the cake because you spent too much money on the shoes.


Make a list

The simplest way to make things easier is to have a list. You can use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, an online planner, or even some trusty pen and paper. But whatever you use to jot everything down, you will more easily see what jobs need to be done to get you to the big day. And you’re less likely to find yourself in a last-minute panic about bridal favours! Wedding Ceremony in the Geddes Room at Riddle's Court


Arriving at Riddle's Court on the Royal Mile


Don’t set the date before the venue

Wedding venues and services can be booked up years in advance. Make a list of the people you want to invite and that will give you the numbers, then look at venues and finally choose the date. That will save you all the headache of sending out save-the-date cards only to find that your chosen venue is unavailable.


Choose a theme

You don’t have to choose a theme, but knowing what style or colours you want to use for your wedding can help make it easier to choose everything from invitations to music for your reception.


Involve friends and family

Your friends and family are your secret weapon in making your wedding planning easier. They will often feel honoured to help make your special day happen, and some may even offer to help without being asked. Think about how you want your day to feel, and what the strengths of your friends and family are. If you have a stylish friend, take them with you to choose the dress. If someone in your family is super organised, use them to help you with bookings.


Getting Ready in the King's Chamber


Make time to relax

You can make your wedding planning easier by taking a little time out. There are many simple ways to de-stress and treat yourself at home, or you can book a massage or go to a spa. The important thing is to give your mind time to unwind so you come back with fresh energy and enthusiasm.


With these tips, you can make this most wonderful of days run smoothly – but more importantly, you can make planning it easier!



Photography by Fern Photography, Claire Juliet Paton & Ashley-Liv Jamieson Photography

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